Valjaonica Femod


Processing machinery, equipment and services

FEMOD has at its disposal a large number of processing machinery and various equipment for almost all types of machining and electro rewamping operations required by industrial facilities and installations. In several workshops there are : more than 20 lathes of various sizes and applications, grinders for flat, round and internal grinding, 4 drilling machines, considerable number of different milling machines, one CNC milling machine, three spark-arch erosion units, presses, scalping machines, saws, sharpeners, lines for automatic sheet cutting and outside tube finning for heat exchangers, rolling machine for threads of max. M60x3 mm, shear for 12 mm thick and 3,2 m long sheets, three automatic rod, bar and profile cutting shears, numerous cutting and welding tools, sheet bending machines, quenching facility with furnaces and thermal treatment baths, two balancing machines for small (up to 10 kg) and big (up to 2500 kg) weights, rewinders, (manual and automatic), testing station for electrical machines, furnaces for drying and baking of electro-insulating lacquer, device for filtration and drying of transformer oil, equipment for rewiding and repair of LW electrical motors, dry transformers, autotransformers, reactors, etc.

Processing machinery, equipment and services

Manufacture of machinery parts

Steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, including all types of machining and thermal treatment.

Manufacture of machinery parts Manufacture of machinery parts

Machining treatment against special requirements

FEMOD is technically equipped and has skilled personnel to perform even the most intricate machining operations on the large size equipment and constructions on the spot, thus avoiding high cost of complex dismantling, transport and errection operations and reducing reconstruction charges to a minimum.

Machining  treatment against special requirements

Expansion of the apperture from Ø 600 to Ø 820mm, 450mm in depth on the rolling mill stand, at a height of 2,5 m from working rolls, done by combining a part of milling machine, chosen motor reducer, original construction of tools support and a robust carrying construction adapted to machine interior.