Valjaonica Femod

About Us

Electromachinery Equipment and Parts Plant

Company Valjaonica – FEMOD Sevojno is founded 01.01.2007 by merge of Electro and Machinery Workshops, which separately were part of Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno a.d. Manufacturing workshops of FEMOD were and still are permanent, specialized, technical service for production and equipment maintenance in Valjaonica bakra a.d. workshops and also achieve noticable results and sales on markets other than Valjaonica bakra a.d. Sevojno. During the perennial period FEMOD manufactured, delivered and assembled numerous machines, equipment and spare parts for various companies in the country and in the region, which helped achieving reputation of a important manufacturer and reliable partner in production of equipment, based on our own documentation, buyer's projects or samples.

Machinery Workshop

FEMOD's products are used in machinery industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, refineries, electroindustry, petrochemical industry, hydro and thermal power plants, distillery facilities, foundries, smelters, technical gases facilities etc (cooling systems and heat exchangers, smooth tubes evaporators, radiators and coolers, alcohol distilling units, induction heating facilities, quenching, melting and casting, core reactors-chokes, air reactors-chokes, special windings parts, tools, machine parts, mechanical compositions, etc). A strong emphasis should be placed on FEMOD's manufacturing ability of high-finned tubes with wide appliance in heat-exchangers production, with possibility of combining various metals.

Electric Workshop

As a result of perennial experience in mounting and reconstruction production-equipment, FEMOD offers special treatment and services on the very spot, without dismantling and transporting activities, whenever it is technically possible. If parts made of copper and copper alloys (brass and bronze) are required, FEMOD is fully supported by its parent company – Valjaonica bakra Sevojno a.d., the most prominent and the largest manufacturer of copper and copper alloys semi-products in Republic of Serbia, including wide assortment of tubes, rods, bars, various profiles, wire, strips, sheets, roundels, foils, etc., which are all used in FEMOD's production as a raw materials.