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Distilleries - continuous alcohol distillation devices

Alcohol distilling units of STV type are used for continuous distillation of wine, passivized fruit pulp, fermented starch husk raw materials, dilluted wine precipitate, and raw mild brandy.

Alcohol distilling units of STV type are manufactured from quality materials: electrolytic EdCu 99,9% copper, stainless steel C 4571 and other construction steels, with mounted finished parts and equipment purchased from renowned suppliers. Functional construction is made of acid-resistant cast metal, with teflon lining inside in the form of ball-shaped spouts, enabling easy and reliable operation at increased temperatures in accordance with technical requirements.

Water and vapour armature is of usual quality for these types of fluids. Flowing and recirculation water cooled in a separate tower are used as cooling fluids in radiators/coolers, condensers and deflegmators.

Distilleries - continuous alcohol distillation devices, shema
Distilleries - continuous alcohol distillation devices
      1. Raw material preheater
      2. Column
      3. Dephlegmator
      4. Condenser – A
      5. Condenser – B
      6. Radiator – A
      7. Radiator – B
      8. Evaporator
      9. Flowmeter
      10. Alcometer - Thermometer

STV distilling units are placed into civil engineering building of standard steel construction, with corrugated painted aluminium sheet used for façade and glass windows. If required by customer, civil engineering building can be constructed by separate project, in strict accordance with technological requirements for equipment accommodation.

Modern regulating and measuring equipment enables exact monitoring and functioning of distilling unit. Complete facility, equipment and accessories are projected so as to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

STV-40 STV-80 STV-120
Capacity t / 24h 40 80 120
Dry vapour consumption kg / h 550 900 1300
Cooling water consumption m3 / h 3.5 7 9
Installed power kW 10 33 45
Required room space m 6x7x18 6x8x22 7x9x27
Quality of destilled material vol% 65 - 80
Raw material (husk) quality: wine, passivized fruit pulp, fermented starch husk raw materials, dilluted wine precipitate, raw mild brandy.
Alcohol content in the husk vol% 4 - 25
Max. sulfur content mg / l 100
Min. husk temperature 0C +1
Specific husk weight kg / dm3 0.97 - 1.10
Dispersive dry matter quantity % 8
Husk particles size mm do 3
Power supply 3x400 / 230V; 50Hz
Control voltage 24V; 230V AC/DC (or as required)



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